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Celebrating more than fifteen years of publication, newdesign has a proud history of serving and championing the design industry.

Our mission is to ensure that that the magazine continues to offer a space in print to showcase the very best work in design as well as a platform for the debate and discussion of the issues that matter to the industry.

The UK’s product design scene is extraordinarily vibrant and in the shape of Jonny Ive, Tom Dixon, and Thomas Heatherwick we can claim some of the world’s most visible and successful designers.

Furthermore, emerging technologies, such as 3D printing and the advance of virtual reality mean that this is a uniquely exciting time to be involved in the business of design.

Innovation and manufacturing will have a key part to play in the country’s ongoing economic recovery – clearly design has a fundamental role here. The designer will also be central in ensuring that the products and services that we use are more sustainable, more inclusive, and, naturally, more pleasing.

We are determined that newdesign should reflect the aspiration and achievement of our remarkable industry. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to invite design professionals and stakeholders in design conscious businesses to contribute to the magazine and see that the magazine is utterly relevant and is the premier title of its kind.

Alistair Welch

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