A new online platform is helping grads and interns to navigate the creative industries

Launching today (April 16 2018), the Green Light List is a resource for emerging talent in the creative industries as they embark on their careers that aims to address the unfair treatment of juniors. The platform was created by design educator Jenny Theolin, in collaboration with creative technology company rehab, after her LinkedIn post calling out the poor treatment of junior staff in many agencies went viral.

The purpose of the platform is twofold. Green Light List gives creatives the chance to anonymously review and give the ‘Green Light’ to agencies that treat interns, grads and entry level employees fairly, based on personal experiences. In time, this will transform the platform into a much-needed asset for those looking for their first job or placement. A fully resourced tech team at rehab worked closely with Green Light List on this pro bono project, from concept to delivery. Each reviewer is verified via social media to ensure authenticity, before making an anonymous addition to the list and helping shine a light on best practice. In addition to the list, the platform also features a resource bank to inform and educate junior member of staff and students about their legal rights.

Avoiding giving airtime to companies that treat junior employees unfairly, Green Light List instead focuses on the positive. At a time when diversity and equality in the industry are under extreme scrutiny, Green Light List will help empower young talent. The ultimate goal is to put a stop to poor treatment of interns and juniors and help remove the barriers to entry that so often stand in the way of potentially flourishing creative careers.

“I truly believe we need to focus on the positive; promote the awesome companies, and inspire talent. Our junior workforce is extremely important for the future of the creative industries. Companies who undervalue them don’t deserve them. I am very pleased rehab joined me in the fight to promote the good eggs in our industry,” commented the project’s founder Jenny Theolin. “We’ve created a platform that we hope will help interns, graduate and juniors find great entry-level positions with companies who really value their time, talent and passion. I am fed up with the agency bullies and if this list only helps one individual, it’s a roaring success!”