Breathe easy: award-winning inhaler design by Precipice

The innovative design of an inhaler device – the k-haler – by Precipice has earned the the London-based strategic design consultancy two Platinum A’ Design Awards in the prestigious competition’s ‘Medical Devices’ and ‘Ease of Use and Universal Design’ categories.

A panel of more than 200 design professionals, journalists and academics honoured the design, developed for the medical technology partnership Mundipharma, at an awards ceremony earlier this week. The k-haler’s pioneering design aims to make it easier for patients to use their inhaler correctly.

Precipice worked with Mundipharma to create a powerful design in a bid to improve long-term outcomes for patients. The consultancy employed its transformational Meaning-Centred Design technique, a method that provides a new way for companies to make sense of markets and cultures and create products that people will value more.

Mundipharma Senior Commercial Lead Jonathan Marshall said: “We’re delighted that the k-haler device has received two awards recognising its innovative design, developed with patients front of mind. Our hope is that it reduces the number of critical errors associated with inhaler device usage and therefore helps to improve long term outcomes for patients.”

Precipice Design Chief Design Officer Miles Hawley added: “I’m delighted that a jury panel of 212 design professionals, journalists and academics have honoured the k-haler device design in two categories at the prestigious A’ Design Awards. Precipice partnered closely with Mundipharma marketing and R&D in a bid to deliver an innovative, holistic and meaningful design that will resonate deeply with users.”