Design should be central to any Industrial Strategy says Design Council

Design Council has welcomed the publication of the Government’s Industrial Strategy whilst calling on ministers to ensure that design and design innovation are embedded in the strategy and play a central role moving forward.

The policy paper, published by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, set out ‘Four Grand Challenges’, namely AI and big data, clean growth, future mobility, and the ageing society, that the UK needs to address to ensure it is “fit for the future”.

A statement from Design Council praised the Strategy as a “welcome commitment” to the support of economic growth throughout the country.

“Design skills are an important component of the high-value jobs that this strategy is looking to create. Design enables businesses to connect to people and respond to challenges in a unique and disciplined way. It is often the catalyst for new products and services which respond to global challenges and drive change,” commented Design Council’s executive director for Architecture, Built Environment and Design Clare Devine.

“Successful industrial policy needs well-designed environments that are inclusive, dynamic and resilient. Places that can access and attract talent while also having the resources to upskill local people. Places that have access to infrastructure and skills while recognising the vital roles that health and wellbeing, creativity and culture have for economic growth,” she added.

“All of this requires joined-up policy across government. We welcome this important first step and will work hard with the government to embed design as a key component of a successful, long-term industrial strategy for the UK.”