frog leaps to iF Awards success

Re-imagining the smartphone for one of China’s leading technology brands has seen the global design and strategy company frog pick up an iF Award for product design.

The Meizu PRO 7 – which was announced by the iF judging panel as the winner for Product Design in the Smart Phone category – offers a differentiated user experience, including the world’s first touch-enabled back display.

“We have a firm belief that design will play a crucial role in transforming our products, culture and company. frog collaborated with us to bring to fruition a new phone design that reflect the needs of our users, while improving the phone experience and our brand,” said Aber Bai, President at Meizu.

Meizu and frog studied how people interact with their phones in a variety of contexts and activities. Nearly everyone routinely flips the device over – and back again, especially during social interactions; remaining somewhat connected, but also distracted by their digital life. The behaviour begged the question, “what if you could create a ‘glance-able experience’ on the back to show need-to-know details, so users aren’t distracted or immersed into their phones? Not only that, but what if we could create a design that looked beautiful no matter which angle you looked at it, to make it desirable for people to place the phone with its back on show?” The solution manifested in the Meizu PRO 7 and its ‘Omni-Dimensional’ design language.

“Having the courage to take these insights and pursue a different path from the industry norm was crucial to create something unexpected and innovative,” said Ian Lee, Creative Director at frog. “Working with Meizu allowed us to build ashared vision for bold, unique ideas that reimagined the smartphone experience and captivated people again. It’s an honor for frog to partner with Meizu and be recognised for successfully pushing the boundaries of smartphone design with such a prestigious design award.”

With a legacy of mobile phone design dating back to the 1980s when frog developed phone concepts for Apple, Meizu looked to frog to support its vision of a new phone design. The Meizu PRO 7 represents a breakthrough combination of performance, radical design, technology, the highest quality materials, and cutting-edge engineering.