Get packing: new exhibition explores sustainable options

Whether it’s Michael Gove dishing out re-usable coffee cups to his cabinet colleagues, M&S coming under fire over plastic-wrapped cauliflower ‘steaks’, or the Dutch supermarket that has introduced a ‘plastic free’ aisle, the news is full of stories about packaging. Specifically the concern that the over use of plastic has troubling connotations for the environment.

Great timing then for London’s Museum of Brands to open its new exhibition ‘Pack to the Future’. The display, created in collaboration with packaging consultancy ThePackHub, explores the subject of sustainable packaging and features several initiatives by major retail brands such as Tesco and Waitrose as well as suppliers including Sulapac and Arjowiggins.

The exhibition considers how packaging might be made more effective through innovation and looks at how brands have attempted to address sustainability through measures such as the introduction of new materials, adopting refillable packs, and improving recyclability.

It is hoped the items and ideas on display will spark further debate around the complex relationship between packaging and sustainability.

“Sustainability is a core subject for today’s society and one the Museum updates on and presents to audiences regularly,” said Museum of Brands CEO Chris Griffin. “This partnership with ThePackHub allows us to explore the very latest technological advances in sustainable packaging that are available to consumers with the aim of stimulating further debate on complex questions surrounding sustainability.”