LAYER creates secure digital wallet

Positioned at the intersection of two of the most talked-about technology trends of the moment – cryptocurrency and data security – TROVE is a work of industrial design firmly attached to the zeitgeist.

The wearable product, created by experience design agency LAYER, is a digital wallet that works in harmony with an app (developed by the fintech start up Trove) to offer users an apparently unhackable, unloseable cryptocurrency storage medium.

In development over the last twelve months, TROVE comprises three parts: Coin, Keep Safe, and the Trove app. The coin, a 3mm x 20mm disc that can be worn around the wrist or neck, stores currency in its hardware rather than online – making your crypto stash less susceptible to the nefarious activity of hackers.

Users unlock the Coin using their ECG signature – a biometric method of verification that recognises a user’s unique heartbeat pattern – by touching the contact zone on the front. This activates the bluetooth, which communicates with the user’s smartphone and allows funds to be accessed. A key advantage of this method is that unlike other cryptocurrency wallets, which rely on complex password systems, it is impossible to lose or forget the authentication for Coin.

TROVE Coin pairs with Safe, a discreet personal home bank protected. While Coin stores currency for daily use, Safe holds your decentralised personal wealth at home. It is designed to look like a wall tile that can be easily installed, like any other wall tile, so it is hiding in plain sight. Meanwhile, the app functions as a wallet for your various cryptocurrencies, and makes it easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and pay for everyday purchases.

Much of LAYER founder Benjamin Hubert’s previous work has explored how industrial design can develop an expressive and distinctive product language for technology propositions. The LAYER-designed Nolii range for example, which was shown at last year’s London Design Festival, comprised five technology accessories with a contemporary minimalist aesthetic. TROVE, available in either black aerated aluminium and silver anodised aluminium, continues the designer’s interest in how design can find a physical expression for a technology.

“For cryptocurrencies to become more widely used, they have to first gain widespread acceptance among consumers,” comments a LAYER representative. “TROVE simplifies and amplifies the cryptocurrency experience as a modern fashion accessory, and addresses some of the limitations currently faced by cryptocurrencies – such as the fact that a user’s digital fortune can be lost if a password is forgotten, or that a virtual wallet may be ransacked by a hacker.”