CES 2022 Connecting to Baracoda’s Bathroom of the Future

It’s brilliant when all the smart health devices you use for grooming and self-care automatically connect to their respective platforms. No pulling out your smartphone to open an app, no dangling wires to stay connected. This is what the BConnect Hub delivers, and it’s the first step in Baracoda Daily Healthtech’s Bathroom of the Future.

The daily self-care and grooming routines that occur in a household’s bathroom offer the potential to gather quantitative data necessary for clinical studies that focus on behaviors and preventive health care. At the core of the collective connectivity to gather real-time data to share with researchers and/or a patient’s healthcare provider is the BConnect Hub, a sleek plug-in universal receiver for all connected devices on BConnect’s encrypted, interoperability protocol.

Baracoda’s Bathroom of the Future creates a full connected ecosystem of products that privately (with opt-in, of course) collect data from all selected smart devices to make it easy for individuals to track their self-care progress through a personal dashboard. So whether you’re checking your weight, combing your hair or scrambling to get ready for the day’s activities, your quantified metrics will be waiting for you whenever you’re ready to take a look.

Baracoda Daily Healthtech at CES 2022:

  • BBalance, the first designer-style connected bath mat with AI and footprint recognition, can let you know, for example, that your child needs bigger shoes, your grandmother is at risk for falling, your yoga classes have improved your spine health – and you lost two pounds this month.
  • BCool, the first eco-friendly, battery-free, mercury-free, connected thermometer, helps you keep track of your 4-year-old’s fever, your 2-year-old’s symptoms and is always ready the next time someone in your family comes down with a high temperature.
  • BMirror, the smart mirror that notifies you that, for example, the mole on your chin is changing color and recommends a dermatologist appointment, and lets you see how you’d look if your hair was one shade lighter.
  • https://baracoda.com/en