CES 2022 OneLife X Sustainable, Ultra-Quiet, German-Engineered Air Purifier

OneLife.eco Inc, innovators with a purpose who are committed to saving lives while protecting the planet, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking new product, OneLife X, the world’s most efficient air purifier. With a revolutionary plasma filter (patent pending) built by German scientists, OneLife X silently delivers clinically clean air via a dishwasher-safe filter, making it easy for people to breathe freely while protected from germs, pollutants and even the smallest dust particles.

The pandemic brought more attention to the need for clean air, but health-threatening pollutants, irritants and particles were already a serious problem before COVID-19. Viruses and bacteria are an issue, but so are rising pollution levels in cities, overall poor indoor air quality and the effects of climate change. All of these factors made the need for a next-generation approach to air purification even more urgent, and OneLife X addresses each of these challenges.

“At OneLife, we believe people have a right to clean air, and our mission is to fight invisible contaminants in indoor spaces so people can live healthier, more productive lives,” Burkhardt observed. “We know we’ve only got one planet, so we have to protect Earth too. That’s why we built OneLife X using sustainable materials and designed a power-efficient air purifier with a reusable filter so there’s no need to replace disposable filters every few months and create more landfill waste. That’s how we save lives and save the planet.”

OneLife X removes viruses and bacteria, ultrafine dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites and other pollutants from the air, catching even the smallest particles with zero-pollution technology. Users can just rinse the reusable filter or wash it in the dishwasher, saving money while reducing environmentally damaging waste. Built sustainably from renewable materials like bamboo, OneLife X is highly energy efficient with a low-power profile that runs absolutely silently.

“Other features that set OneLife X apart include its beautiful design, quiet operation and connectivity capabilities,” said OneLife CEO Christoph Burkhardt. “In addition to the revolutionary health tech science that powers its incredible efficiency and effectiveness in removing indoor contaminants, OneLife X is designed to fit seamlessly and beautifully into users’ lives. It looks like a work of art, it’s virtually silent, and it connects to nearly all home devices.”

Users can control OneLife X by voice via Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home assistant, Apple’s Siri or via an iOS or Android app. Users can switch device modes, ask about filter status and inquire about indoor air quality by voice or the touch of a screen. Users can also control OneLife X operation from a display panel, set it to automatic mode for ultra-quiet performance all the time or use its unique sleeping mode, which promotes full recovery while users sleep for the best possible air quality.