The annual review of exceptional design work and industry trends

The newdesign Yearbook is a place for our design community to shout about its exceptional work, explore industry trends, and set the agenda for what’s to come.

It is once again a pleasure to introduce the New Design Yearbook. Now in its ninth year, the 2020 edition contains updates and reports from leading design companies and support businesses.

Projects across a wide variety of sectors

This, the ninth edition of the Yearbook, covers a huge amount of ground. We hear from design consultancies on how they have helped clients achieve success across the consumer, transport, medical and healthcare, industrial, and service design sectors. We also welcome reflections from legal and recruitment companies working alongside the design profession.

Especially strongly represented in this year’s edition is the product development services sector. Contributions from a number of rapid prototyping companies discuss how a bureau service helps clients to get the most out of prototyping (or indeed low volume manufacturing) in offering the necessary expertise to best harness the power of 3D printing alongside more ‘traditional’ processes such as CNC machining and vacuum casting.

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